The Shake-Up:

InAUUGGGHuration Edition

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It's the end of the world as we know it and we don't feel fine.

It's their party and they'll beg if they want to...

This week, people all over the internet sent their regrets to the TREMENDOUS! desperate kind invitation of the incoming administration to attend the Inauguration. For free. They're literally giving away tickets. And it's being received as well as you might imagine.

Here’s a sample of the responses:

Sorry I can't attend. I volunteered to polish John Lewis's Presidential Medal of Freedom while he's out of town.

I must decline -- I'll be busy having a Meryl Streep film-festival in my living room.

My dog needs her anal glands expressed that day. We’re attending a class so I can learn to do it myself. Make Dog Poop Great Again!

I have to wash my hair that afternoon.

Will there be Russian subtitles? Asking for a comrade.

Event is overrated. All talk no action. No Beyonce. No Aretha. Loser. Sad!

No. But I am very much looking forward to the re-enactment at 11:30 pm on Saturday night.

Don’t need ‘em – I just got the call to be a paid seat filler!

Fearless Leader has not yet received our tickets.  Can you help?

Treat yo self.

Or your community.

Or both.

All kidding aside, If you'd rather not spend time and text lamenting the elevation of a completely unfit individual to President of the United States (high key easy to do), here are some productive, constructive suggestions for how to spend the day and keep your mind off what's happening in Washington D.C. It's awful. It's concerning. It's not the outcome any of us wanted or anticipated. But doing something positive or personal can help assuage those off putting feelings. And as an iconic fictional woman once said...

... tomorrow is another day.

And on that day, Saturday January 21st, hundreds of thousands of humans will take to the streets around the world to march in support of women's rights and those of other marginalized groups. It will be Bizarro Inauguration Day -- inclusive, tolerant, loving. What's not to like about that?

Action Together Tampa Bay has over 25 members traveling to the nation's capitol to participate in the Women's March on Washington! Our Instagram account and Twitter feed will feature pictures and commentary from our folks who are marching in D.C. -- so it will almost be as if You Are There!

Locally, upwards of 75 ATTB members will be convening in Downtown St. Petersburg for the Women's Solidarity March for Social Justice, which has an estimated 13,000 participants pre-registered as of this writing. The linked Facebook page has all the information you need to know about the march, including times, parking suggestions, and what to bring.

Action Together Tampa Bay will have a table in Demens Landing with information, friendly faces and a fun photo prop for taking pics to commemorate the day. Look for our banner on the big blue tent and COME SEE US!

The Listening Room: Power to the People

We've curated two Spotify playlists for the occasion:

PROTEST NOW! which features a mix of classic and current protest songs. Please note that many of these songs contain explicit lyrics and themes that might be a bit mature for little ears.

GIRLS JUST WANT FUN-DAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS! has songs celebrating the awesomesauceness of women. This list is great for all ages.

Tune in and enjoy!

one more thing...

Obama came in to fix things Bush broke. Trump is coming in to break things Obama fixed.

~ Van Jones

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