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Meet Up Greet Up! ATTB Planning Meeting

When: Saturday, March 4th, 3-5 pm

Where: Pinellas County/ Lake Seminole Park, Shelter #10, 10015 Park Blvd., Seminole

Who: ATTB Members

How: RSVP on the ATTB Event Calendar on the FB Group page

Our next Planning Meeting will take place on Saturday, March 4th from 3 -5 pm in Pinellas County at Lake Seminole Park, Shelter #10, 10015 Park Blvd, Seminole. We have planning meetings every other month. This meeting will focus on collaborating, prioritizing and generating ideas. The Training Work Group will be facilitating an exercise on privilege; we'll have a session with some beginner's tips for using Twitter, and a primer on understanding the levels of government, as well as discussions to help us move forward.

You can RSVP on the ATTB Events Calendar! Hope to see you there!

Speak Up! Speak Out!

Town Halls aren't always rowdy in a negative way; sometimes constituents rock the house in *favor* of an elected official. Sometimes a representative needs to feel support and especially encouragement - so let's talk about our favorite recovering Republican and awakened Democrat, Charlie Crist, who is currently working in D.C. as our Representative from Florida's 13th Congressional District.

Crist is admittedly a pragmatic centrist, but he will need us to help guide him toward more progressive outcomes, to become a strong voice for Democratic values, both locally and in D.C. (In fact, compared to the current administration based in the oval office, we don't have enough time to list all the ways Crist is an improvement over the standard Republican in Washington these days.)

The truth is simple: we will need every single vote we can find for Democratic candidates all over Florida to start changing the Red Tide which pollutes our environment into a Blue Wave of revitalization. Not every candidate will resemble our ideal template, and sometimes we are best served, as a movement, in deciding not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. We will have many, many battles to fight in the weeks and months ahead, and Crist is in the trenches, with us, right now.

So the ATTB Steering Committee is asking you, our members, to come out in force this Saturday at his first town hall as Congressman. Yes, he has been elected before, but being a legislator is different than holding an executive office.

We are asking you not only to BE RESPECTFUL, but also to BE ENTHUSIASTIC. When he makes statements that align with your values, our goals - cheer loudly. Encourage him to grow into the role as our advocate... show him that if he fights for us, we will fight for him. BE INSISTENT and explain WHY he should fight for certain things, try to inspire him. BE PERSISTENT and promise to be there for him in the long haul, so invite him into the resistance. This is a great opportunity to speak in a different voice... to stop saying No and what we are against - which is important, and which we will continue to do - and instead to start saying YES and what we are FOR, to argue for a vision of a better future and to do it passionately.

Come armed with your favorite project, issue, organization and talking points. If he agrees with your priorities, tell him you'll help him achieve them. Build our community, create hope, unleash creative forces. Not everyone in our community will become our best friends or our soul mates. However, let there be no mistake: we know our allies, however imperfect, from our foes, and we will find that common ground and work from there. It starts on a day like Saturday, when Charlie feels the shift of the bay waters to the Left and realizes that he can, indeed, move forward.

Heads Up! Important! Upcoming!

Sponsored by the Department of Women's and Gender Studies and Triota Honor Society, we invite you to join the intimate conversation with community leaders on the state of the Black Lives Matter movement locally and nationally and its intersection with feminism.

This talk will feature Dr. Cheryl Rodriguez and Donna Davis.

Dr. Cheryl Rodriguez is a cultural anthropologist and an Associate Professor of Africana Studies. Her research interests include: feminisms in Africa and the African Diaspora, community ethnography, the critical intersection of gender, race and class, and community-based programs for urban youth. Dr. Rodriguez has conducted a range of anthropological projects and has published articles on issues related to gender, race and class issues, including women’s anti-poverty activism.

Donna Davis is a highly experienced community organizer that has done amazing work in several places including Denver, St Louis, New York, and Tampa (to name just a few). Since moving to Tampa, she has co-founded the Black Lives Matter Tampa chapter, helped lead the charge for the Tampa Civilian Review Board, and is an active participant in the Community Protection Coalition. Davis also works as a professional organizer for a nationwide organization.

The Save My Care bus tour is coming to Tampa!

We are holding a press conference uniting folks of all walks of life all over the country. There will be wonderful neighbors who will be sharing the difference the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, and activism has made in their lives. A local medical doctor will also be speaking.

Come with your passion and your signs to rally with us.

Invite your friends and share this rally! Have a story of your own you'd like to share?


Mona Vishin Mangat, MD. Serves patients affected by programs threatened by Congressional GOP

Karen Clay. Disability activist and mother of 36-year-old Michael who relies on Medicaid for lifeline medical care.

Joe Nammour. Self -employed father and husband who relies on ACA protections against discrimination for preexisting conditions and purchases family insurance plan from the marketplace.

Heather St. Amand. Activist and mother of trans teen daughter who relies on Medicaid for medically necessary medications.

Please check the ATTB Facebook Group page for location information and to RSVP to this fun event!

Charge Up! Social Advocacy

Social Advocacy Update – Top 3:

(1)   Our social advocacy working groups are heating up – if any of the following interests you, please reach out to us via email or FB message (Jessica Galle) to join up:

a.     Education

b.     Environment

c.     Immigration

d.     Gun control

e.     Transportation

f.     Homelessness & Hunger

(2)   This Sunday, March 5th @ 12 pm ATTB is sponsoring an All-Americans, All-Faiths, All-Families Pot Luck meal  in Tampa. Details on the event can be found HERE.  

Please come out and network/socialize as we demonstrate that we’re all just people who are part of the same community. Love strengthens while fear divides.

(3) UPDATE ON H.B. 19 (Termination of Pregnancies) – this bill has gone to its third committee (the judiciary committee). As of yet, it is not on any proposed meeting agendas, but we will keep you updated on when the meeting is set to occur. The vote in the last committee was very close (9-7) so we NEED to keep up political pressure on this issue. We are planning a day of action (mass calling) AND a postcard avalanche to the applicable committee members. Please stay tuned for more action on this important issue.  The contents of the bill can be found HERE.


Please call Hillsborough County Commissioner Pat Kemp (813-272-5730) and thank her for being a strong supporter of mass transit options in the Hillsborough County area.

If you’d like to call the remaining Commissioners and encourage them to do more to support mass transit in our county that effort is also appreciated.

Contact via email HERE.

A template for a letter to send via email can be found HERE.

Victor Crist – District 2


Ken Hagan – Countywide


Al Higginbotham – Countywide


Les Miller, Jr. – District 3


Sandra Murman – District 1


Stacy White – District 4


Any and all social advocacy related issues: email us at

Help Out!

Sabal Trail Pipeline

The Sabal Trail pipeline is a pipeline that will carry natural gas obtained by hydraulic fracking from central Alabama through southwest Georgia to Orange County, Florida. This venture will threaten the lands, waters (including aquifers, watersheds, rivers, springs, ponds, wetlands), and flora and fauna in these three states. Action Together Tampa Bay member Carmella Guiol has written an article for Creative Loafing about the inaction of Florida’s lawmakers regarding this threat to the environment. Please read the article and look for Calls to Action and other information on this important issue on the ATTB FB group page.

Show Up!

Action Together Tampa Bay  has a Google Calendar for all its events and activities. The calendar for March has filled in already with a plethora of progressive meetings, action items and activities. Go check it out!

Remember: you can RSVP for any event on the parallel Events calendar on the ATTB Facebook Group page.

Join Up!

Working Groups: ATTB's Next Wave

Are you passionate about things such as...

...gun control or reproductive rights?

... racial justice or environmental protection?

...researching facts and figures and then analyzing those numbers?

...writing and blogging about progressive issues?

... using your creativity to develop memes to both amuse and provoke?

If you are, then a Working Group is the perfect place for you to share your time and talents focusing on a specific issue or action.

Social Advocacy, Political Advocacy and Admin have teamed up to create Working Groups under the ATTB umbrella. Members interested in focusing their efforts on one particular topic are being invited to join appropriate Working Groups as they open.

The main ATTB group as a whole will continue to function in much the same way, with Calls to Action and information flowing freely, but the Working Groups are designed to reduce distractions and hone in on specific issues.

Does this sound like something you'd like to do?  Please contact and let us know in which area you'd like to work.

Plug In!

Raise your hand if you've made at least one phone call in the past couple of months to your US congressperson or senator regarding a cabinet appointment, the ACA, immigration or another critical issue.

We see you! Terrific! Thanks!

It's going to continue to be important to make your legislators hear your voice on the issues impacting our country, especially given how the current administration is choosing to do business. If you have a smartphone, there's a new app that can help you do just that.

If you have a smartphone,  5 Calls  makes pestering getting in touch with your representatives fast and easy.

When you open the app, a glance on your personalized (when you share your zip code) homepage shows you how many calls are needed per action item.

Then, when you click on an item, the site offers the reason why it’s important.

The app then gives you the phone number(s) to call, and the script to use while on the call.

When you’re finished with the call, you click a button at the bottom of the screen
to register your call result (e.g. “made contact,” “left voicemail,” etc.).

The site will track call results to help them understand the impact they’re having, and where to direct future efforts. However, no personal information about the site’s users is being recorded.

Calls are marked off to-do list style, so you can keep track of what you’ve done, and the site will be updated regularly.

See? Easy-peasy AND makes an impact. What's not to love? 5 Calls is available from both iTunes and Google Play.

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