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More detailed instructions, including suggested wording and where to send your letter can be found on the Film Florida website.

Charge Up! Political Advocacy

A bill that passed its first hurdle last week in Congress threatens to take away genetic privacy protections put in place with the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 (GINA).

H.R.1313, the “Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act,” might instead be called the “telling on relatives” ruling. According to GINA, employers can’t use genetic information to hire, fire, or promote an employee, or require genetic testing, and health insurers can’t require genetic tests nor use results to deny coverage. The law clearly defines genetic tests – DNA, RNA, chromosomes, proteins, metabolites – and genetic information –genetic test results and family history of a genetic condition.

H.R.1313 would effectively repeal the fundamental genetic and health privacy protections in GINA and the ADA, allowing workplace wellness programs to ask employees questions about genetic tests taken by themselves or their families, and to make inquiries about the medical history of employees, their spouses, their children, and other family members. (Adopted from Saving GINA: Is Genetic Privacy Impaled?)

We've created a fact sheet for comprehension, along with talking points to use when contacting legislators. The contact sheet includes key players in the movement of the bill and their contact information.

Please call, email and tweet these lawmakers with your concerns about this frightening and appalling bill.

Fact Sheet: click on the image for PDF file with hyperlinks.

Contact Sheet: click on the images for Excel file with hyperlinks.

Any and all political advocacy related issues: email us at

Heads Up! Important! Upcoming


As with all ATTB events, please RSVP to these events on the Events tab located on the ATTB FB Group page.

Rally in Tally -- Equal Pay for Equal Work!

Tuesday, March 14th at 2 - 5 pm

Every Floridian deserves the chance to get a good-paying job that provides economic security for them and their families.

That’s why Rep. Janet Cruz (D-Tampa) is a prime co-sponsor with Rep. Lori Berman (D-Lantana) of the Helen Gordon Davis Fair Pay Act to guarantee Florida’s women receive equal pay for equal work. This isn’t a controversial proposal. Preventing wage discrimination based on a person’s gender should be something that garners bipartisan agreement. They are joined by State Senator Linda Stewart for this important piece of legislation (D-Orlando) who is sponsoring the companion bill in the Senate.

Ensuring every mother, wife, sister, aunt and daughter earns equal and fair pay not only strengthens Florida’s working families, but is the right thing do. Let’s get it done.

You can read more about it here: Sen. Stewart, House Democratic Leader Cruz and Rep. Berman Propose Bill to Eliminate Gender Pay Gap

As with all ATTB events, please RSVP on the Events tab located on the ATTB FB Group page.

Postcards to the White House

Tuesday, March 14th, 6-8 pm

Upper Tampa Bay Regional Public Library, 11211 Countryway Blvd, Tampa.

A Surly Feminists for the Revolution, Tampa Bay Chapter event!

One of our wonderful partner organizations, Surly Feminists for the Revolution, Tampa Bay Chapter, is hosting a family-friendly, family-encouraged-to-come event, Postcards to the White House, on Tuesday evening, March 14th from 6-8 pm at the Upper Tampa Bay Regional Public Library, 11211 Countryway Blvd, Tampa.

The invitation reads:
"Hey there parents looking to get involved... let's get together for a political play date! We're taking action, and the kids are invited!

The Ides of Trump is a postcard movement set for March 15 intended to flood the white house with our collective concerns. To prepare we are hosting a postcard making event the evening of 3/14. In addition to making postcards, we will have a speaker from our local OFA chapter there to discuss how to be active and get involved.

We request you bring the family, especially the kids. It's more important now than ever that we don't just engage our community and representatives, but that we show our kids the values we represent and how to defend them.

We are hoping to have the event at the Upper Tampa Bay Library, and are currently finalizing the room reservation."

So, pack your bag of tricks - hello leap pad and goldfish! - and let's meet, make some postcards and learn how to become effective Parents Organizing for Action!"

To RSVP to this fun event, check the Events tab on the ATTB FB Group page!

Tampa Pride Parade

Saturday March 25th, 12 pm

Join ATTB while we walk in support of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. We will have our banner and be wearing our AATTB t-shirts. This is a family friendly event, so bring the kids!

The 3rd annual Tampa Pride Parade will be in historic Ybor City, also known as the GaYBOR District. This is becoming an historical and annual spring event when Florida weather is most envied!

Once again the parade will wind its way east from the corner of Nuccio Parkway and 7th Avenue, down 7th Avenue to 20th Street where it will turn north to end at our new Street Festival location around historic Centennial Park. We even will be announcing the parade from the balcony of Hamburger Mary’s Tampa for more added excitement!

While the parade will start at 1 pm, we will begin at noon in front of Centro Ybor with a special tribute to Orlando Pulse tragedy victims and a display of a section of the Sea-to-Sea Rainbow Flag originally from Key West.

Come be part of the ATTB crew as we spend the afternoon celebrating Pride!

As with all ATTB events, please RSVP on the Events tab located on the ATTB FB Group page.

Chuckle Up!

Show Up!

Save the Date: Advocacy Day in Tallahassee

Tuesday/Wednesday, March 21st/March 22nd

Hosted by:

• Rethink Energy Florida, Sierra Club - Florida

• Environment Florida

• Food and Water Watch-Florida

• Floridians Against Fracking

• Organize Florida

• Florida Conservation Voters

• Physicians for Social Responsibility – Florida

• Urban Paradise Guild

Each sponsoring organization is working on critical issues facing our state to highlight. Transportation will be provided from several cities across the state. Advocacy training will be provided Tuesday night to all attendees to ensure that participants will have the necessary skills to be effective advocates for clean water and renewable energy. Additionally, a rally/press conference will be held Wednesday morning.

Participants will be talking with our legislators about these critical issues:

  • Banning Fracking in Florida
  • Supporting Renewable Energy
  • Protection of Florida’s Waters

For more details and to register, please go to Rethink Energy Florida’s website.

Fire Up!

It happens to all of us. Every day, we open our newspaper, scroll through our Twitter feed, turn on the morning news -- all only to find that something ELSE has transpired, thanks to the machinations and horrible intentions of the current administration.  And every day, it all seems so overwhelming -- where to start sharing our displeasure; who to call with our righteous indignation.

Here's a solution... introducing The ATTB Daily Resistance Calendar! Created by ATTB's terrific Social Advocacy Task Force, this calendar gives suggestions for one simple item you can do a day to help with The Resistance. Some items are geared just for the individual; some are action items that can be done with your family, friends, neighbors or even people you've not met yet!  

For a larger, printable PDF version, just click on the calendar image!

Everyone can use a little dose of daily resistance -- it's good for what ails our country!

ATTB Daily Resistance Calendar March '17

Analyze This!

The current administration has positioned First Daughter Ivanka as the banner-waver when it comes to women's rights.

It's not working.

In light of this past week's International Women's Day, pop culture has smartly provided some commentary on the almost-insulting position of Ivanka-as-feminist-role-model. Take a look.

(Click on each video image to play. Yes, PLAY!)

Ivanka as, well, you'll see:

Ivanka Perfume Ad

Ivanka's fake feminism unpacked:

Daily Show Ivanka Fake Feminism

Ivanka-as-fig-leaf for her father's anti-Semitism and misogyny

Check out this smart, slightly-snarky article by Hadley Freeman in The Guardian.

I am fascinated by Ivanka’s feed, because it is the literalisation of her relationship with her father: she is his Instagram filter, airbrushing him into acceptability, and if that filter had a name, it would be Gwyneth. Like Paltrow, Ivanka has long presented herself as the embodiment of that particular brand of modern feminism which claims everything is possible for all women – if only they would do more yoga, invest in perfect shoes and get born into enormous wealth. Ivanka makes privilege look aspirational, as opposed to her brothers, who make it look like a call to the people’s revolution.

Show Up!

Action Together Tampa Bay  has a Google Calendar for all its events and activities. The calendar for March has filled in already with a plethora of progressive meetings, action items and activities. Go check it out!

Remember: you can RSVP for any event on the parallel Events calendar on the ATTB Facebook Group page.

Tune In!

Some of the most biting commentary and provocative discussion on the state of our country right now is happening on late night talk/entertainment programs. Thanks to the greatest invention of our time, the DVR (tied with Caller ID), no one has to lose sleep in order to watch shows past one's bedtime. Below is a list of guests of note in the realm of politics and current events this week on talk/entertainment programs. So stay up late or record to watch later -- and enjoy!

Late Night with Seth Meyers, 12:35 am, NBC

Monday, March 13

Author Mohsin Hamid

The View, 11 am, ABC

Tuesday, March 14

Trae Crowder (you know him as The Liberal Redneck)

Friday, March 17

Tomi Lahren (if you're in the mood to sit through/heckle her incendiary conservative views)

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
, 11 pm, Comedy Central

Tuesday, March 14

Valerie Jarrett

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, 11:35 pm, CBS

Wednesday, March 15

Bassem Youssef

Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, 11 pm, Bravo

Wednesday, March 15    

Van Jones

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