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City Hall, Municipal Building, 175 5th St. N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

St. Petersburg Community Protection Coalition (SPCPC) presents to the St. Petersburg City Council a Welcoming City Resolution

The St. Petersburg Community Protection Coalition (SPCPC) will be presenting to the St. Petersburg City Council a Welcoming City Resolution and asking for constructive administrative policies that protect the groups in our community that face discrimination.

Allies are needed for support in the room. SPCPC will have signs to hand out that say: "Make St. Pete A Welcoming city" and "Hate and Fear do not Live Here.”

Please wear white as a symbol of support, a Women’s March pink pussycat hat, if you have one, and safety pins.

There will be time for public comment. It is very important that those impacted directly get an opportunity to speak:


If you are part of a group that is directly impacted and feel compelled to speak, please keep your comments to a time of one minute or less and stay on message.


Charge Up! Social Advocacy

Social Advocacy Update – Top 3:

(1)   We just wanted to take a minute to THANK EVERYONE who called or emailed their state representatives re: H.B. 581 (asset verification for SNAP recipients at an annual cost of $20m). Unfortunately, this bill did pass the Appropriations Committee; we have one more committee to go before this bill goes to the floor. We will continue to monitor the bill for updates/changes.

In the interim: PLEASE participate in the following Call to Action: either (a) Call the Health & Human Services Committee at (850) 717-4840 and voice your objection to H.B. 581 OR (b) send a postcard directly to the committee at 214 House Office Building * 402 South Monroe Street * Tallahassee, FL 32399-1300 voicing your objection. We NEED to tell them citizens don’t want to spend our state funds in this manner and perhaps our action will help motivate the committee to kill the bill altogether.

(2)   We have two great SA/PA events this weekend for those that are interested:

(a) if you live in federal District 16 (or just want to be an additional body in support at a town hall), consider attending Rep. Vern Buchanan’s town hall Saturday @ 11 am in Sarasota

(b) if you’re looking for an event that’s all about coming together as a community and representing inclusion, consider attending the 2017 United Faiths Walk of Peace on Sunday @ 2 pm in Dunedin  

(3)   We are constantly monitoring proposed state & federal legislation. If you see news on a proposed bill (or like to randomly research bills yourself), please reach out to us. The SC is working overtime to crank out Calls to Action to fight conservative legislation, but we NEED YOUR HELP. Please contact us at our email below or private message any SC member directly. Thanks again for all you do!

Any and all social advocacy related issues: email us at

Heads Up! Important! Upcoming!

As with all ATTB events, please RSVP to these events on the Events tab located on the ATTB FB Group page.

Worried About Losing Your Heath Care?

Worry Doll Making Potluck

Friday, March 17th 2-4 pm

3105 W. Waters Ave., Tampa

Potluck and crafting session to make signs and worry dolls for Action on March 23rd at Gus Bilirakis' Tarpon Springs Office. Bring any crafting supplies you may have on hand such as: glue, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, felt, yarn, scissors, markers, posterboard, etc. It's a potluck so bring your fave snack or small dish.

As with all ATTB events, please RSVP on the Events tab located on the ATTB FB Group page.

Tampa Pride Parade

Saturday March 25th, 12 pm

Join ATTB while we walk in support of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. We will have our banner and be wearing our AATTB t-shirts. This is a family friendly event, so bring the kids!

The 3rd annual Tampa Pride Parade will be in historic Ybor City, also known as the GaYBOR District. This is becoming an historical and annual spring event when Florida weather is most envied!

Once again the parade will wind its way east from the corner of Nuccio Parkway and 7th Avenue, down 7th Avenue to 20th Street where it will turn north to end at our new Street Festival location around historic Centennial Park. We even will be announcing the parade from the balcony of Hamburger Mary’s Tampa for more added excitement!

While the parade will start at 1 pm, we will begin at noon in front of Centro Ybor with a special tribute to Orlando Pulse tragedy victims and a display of a section of the Sea-to-Sea Rainbow Flag originally from Key West.

Come be part of the ATTB crew as we spend the afternoon celebrating Pride!

As with all ATTB events, please RSVP on the Events tab located on the ATTB FB Group page.

Voice Up!

Save the Date: Advocacy Day in Tallahassee

Tuesday/Wednesday, March 21st/March 22nd

Hosted by:

• Rethink Energy Florida, Sierra Club - Florida

• Environment Florida

• Food and Water Watch-Florida

• Floridians Against Fracking

• Organize Florida

• Florida Conservation Voters

• Physicians for Social Responsibility – Florida

• Urban Paradise Guild

Each sponsoring organization is working on critical issues facing our state to highlight. Transportation will be provided from several cities across the state. Advocacy training will be provided Tuesday night to all attendees to ensure that participants will have the necessary skills to be effective advocates for clean water and renewable energy. Additionally, a rally/press conference will be held Wednesday morning.

Participants will be talking with our legislators about these critical issues:

  • Banning Fracking in Florida
  • Supporting Renewable Energy
  • Protection of Florida’s Waters

For more details and to register, please go to Rethink Energy Florida’s website.

Fire Up!

It happens to all of us. Every day, we open our newspaper, scroll through our Twitter feed, turn on the morning news -- all only to find that something ELSE has transpired, thanks to the machinations and horrible intentions of the current administration.  And every day, it all seems so overwhelming -- where to start sharing our displeasure; who to call with our righteous indignation.

Here's a solution... introducing The ATTB Daily Resistance Calendar! Created by ATTB's terrific Social Advocacy Task Force, this calendar gives suggestions for one simple item you can do a day to help with The Resistance. Some items are geared just for the individual; some are action items that can be done with your family, friends, neighbors or even people you've not met yet!  

For a larger, printable PDF version, just click on the calendar image!

Everyone can use a little dose of daily resistance -- it's good for what ails our country!

ATTB Daily Resistance Calendar March '17

Show Up!

Action Together Tampa Bay  has a Google Calendar for all its events and activities. The calendar for March has filled in already with a plethora of progressive meetings, action items and activities. Go check it out!

Remember: you can RSVP for any event on the parallel Events calendar on the ATTB Facebook Group page.

Laugh It Up!

Randy Rainbow, known for his smirk-inducing, rib-tickling parody videos, has become the king of the cottage industry of political satire clips. This is his most recent and it's pretty darn funny.  Just CLICK to watch!

Pumped Up!

Phone calls. Letters. Postcards. Town halls. Protests. Marches.

The members of ATTB have done all that and more since the current administration took office. And while it is certainly more than overwhelming, we have actually accomplished a lot in that time period. Christine Hanna, ATTB Founder, keeps a running compilation list of completed actions and projects -- and it's pretty impressive. Take a look!

Wednesday, March 15th was the date of a nationwide postcard protest effort called the Ides of Trump. People were encouraged to send postcards to the White House expressing their feelings towards the horrible policies being sandbagged on the American people. Here's just a sample of cards sent by ATTB members:

Dial In!

You make phone call after phone call to voice your disapproval of a certain bill. Or to share your opinion on the actions (or inactions) of a certain legislator. Or to ask your representative to meet his/her constituents in a town hall. Sometimes these calls get through to a live staff person. Sometimes you’re met repeatedly with a busy signal or voice mail or the dreaded “this voice mailbox is full” message.

What is a concerned citizen to do?

Resistbot to the rescue.

Resistbot is a service that turns your text messages into faxes and sends them to your legislators FOR YOU. It’s as simple as texting “resist” to 50409.

And it really is that simple. I gave it a test run to see if it was as easy as it professed to be.

It is. See for yourself.

The website even states that they’ve confirmed the faxes are “received and read by actual Congressional staffers.”

The bot starts first with messages to your two senators, but will add your representative in the House the next day.  Resistbot may text you here and there going forward to check in and ask if you’d like to contact your officials again, or share things it thinks you might be interested in.

Resistbot is created and maintained by fellow volunteers who are “deeply opposed to nearly all of the actions taken by the Trump administration,” per the website. “We built this to faithfully deliver the voice of the grassroots to Congress.” And it’s doing just that.

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