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March Up!

Tampa Pride Parade

Saturday March 25th, 12 pm

Join ATTB as we walk in the Tampa Pride Parade on Saturday March 25th in support of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. We will be in full representing force, carrying our blue ATTB banner and wearing our spiffy ATTB t-shirts, tossing packets of Skittles and sharing ATTB Progressive Patriot stickers with the crowd as we go.

Speaking of Skittles and stickers... donations are needed to help fund these goodies, which are both just for fun and a boffo way to spread a little ATTB publicity. To donate, you can use the PayPal friends and family option to send a donation or bring cash/checks to the parade! Thank you in advance!

The Tampa Pride Parade is a family-friendly event, so please bring the kids! While it's not a requirement, we'd love to know who and how many will be in our merry band of marchers -- if you're planning to join us, please take a second and fill out this form.

The parade will take place in historic Ybor City, winding its way east from the corner of Nuccio Parkway and 7th Avenue, down 7th Avenue to 20th Street where it will turn north to end at the new Street Festival location around historic Centennial Park. The parade will be announced from the balcony of Hamburger Mary’s Tampa for more added excitement!

While the parade itself will start at 1 pm, activities will begin at noon in front of Centro Ybor with a special tribute to Orlando Pulse tragedy victims and a display of a section of the Sea-to-Sea Rainbow Flag originally from Key West.

More detailed information about where/when to meet before the parade will be featured in Thursday's edition of The Shake-Up and on the ATTB FB Group page.

Come be part of the ATTB crew as we spend the afternoon celebrating Pride!

Charge Up! Political Advocacy

We are constantly monitoring proposed state and federal legislation. If you see news on a proposed bill (or like to randomly research bills yourself), please reach out to us. The Political and Social Advocacy task forces are working overtime to create Calls to Action to fight conservative legislation, but we NEED YOUR HELP. Please contact us at our email below! Thanks again for all you do!

Any and all political advocacy related issues: email us at

Heads Up! Important! Upcoming!

Fight like Health!!! ACA Birthday Protest

Thursday, March 23 from 11 am - 2 pm

Rep. Gus Bilirakis' office

38500 US Highway 19 N, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

Representative Gus Bilirakis has held town halls to listen to his constituents about what we need for health care policy. He stood, he listened to folks share their personal stories about the critical importance of health care. He in turn went back to Washington, apparently unmoved by the town hall testimonies and supportive of the GOP bill to cut health insurance for over 20 million people.

Enough is enough. We will be celebrating the birthday of the Affordable Care Act outside his office, not with cake and balloons, but with a coffin and stories of regular people who need policies that reduce out of pocket costs, guarantee minimum basic coverage like maternity care and mental health, and do not monetarily penalize folks for lapsing in coverage.

Please wear all black for this event

As with all ATTB events, please RSVP on the Events tab located on the ATTB FB Group page.

Throw Shade!

Just Do It!

ATTB has two calendar references to meet every resistance-fighter's need!

For one good thing to do each day, check out the ATTB Daily Resistance Calendar. (For a larger, printable PDF version, just click on the calendar image!)

ATTB Daily Resistance Calendar March '17

For a comprehensive listing of progressive meetings, activities, and events, hit up ATTB's Google Calendar. There truly is something for every interest, location and availability to be found there.

Remember: you can RSVP for any event on the parallel Events calendar on the ATTB Facebook Group page.

Laugh It Up!

This song parody is both very funny and brilliantly presented. Go watch and have a good laugh. (Editor's note: the song upon which this is based, The Girl from Ipanema, is one of my favorite songs in the whole world. So of course it needed to be featured.)

Rev Up!

We make phone calls. We attend town halls. We protest. We march. We tweet. We talk amongst ourselves. We read. We watch. We read some more.

And still the horrible mandates come. The incomprehensible budget cuts come. The offensive comments come.

It's overwhelming and demoralizing.

Time for a pep talk. This is a good one. Shared on social media, it's an auspicious statement that comes just when those of us in The Resistance could use a boost. A necessary reminder to keep doing what we've been doing. It really is worth it.

I hear some people voicing concerns that we're f*****. How can we fight all this at once? There are voices of hopelessness out there.

You know everything you read about making a list of what's normal at the outset of all this so that you could refer back to it and stay anchored to your values? This is you trying to cut the anchor. This is you feeling so overwhelmed that you begin to feel like drifting with the current might not be so bad.

How can we fight all this at once? It's hopeless, right?

How the hell can they? They're just a bunch of suits running a con. They do not have the manpower or mobilization that we do. They don't even have the discipline or organization to keep themselves in check.

The only way they win is if we beat ourselves, is if we allow ourselves to succumb to being overwhelmed. That is their only strategy: to overwhelm us. They don't have anything else, but the lifers among them - Pence, Ryan? They have honed this strategy to a point. It's going to be difficult to defeat them. It's human to begin to think we're fucked, and it's hopeless.

But in the end, they cannot beat us. We are the only ones capable of that, and that is their strategy. The con they're running isn't to take power from us, it's to make us give up the power we have out of the belief we don't have it.

How can we fight this all at once? By taking one step forward, and then when we're ready, another step forward. And then another step, and then another step. And so on, and so on.

This is not about fighting them. Do not think of it along those lines. That makes them the center of our focus, that makes them the ones we have to defeat. That assigns them power they only earn if we assign it to them.

This is about fighting for us. The vulnerable among us are the center of our focus, and they are the ones who can defeat Trump, Ryan, and company. That keeps the power we already have with us, instead of doling it out to whoever smirks the most on the news.

We don't fight all of this at once. That is inherently hopeless, because it uses Trump's and Ryan's definitions to frame the fight.

We fight FOR ALL OF US at once. That's already more manageable in your head, isn't it? That's already less lonely. That's already leagues more powerful.

And that's exactly why they want us to think we're fighting against them, instead of for us. Do not let them set the terms in your mind so easily. Remember what you're fighting for. That's your anchor. Do not let them convince you to cut it.

~ Gabriel Valdez

Tune In!

Some of the most biting commentary and provocative discussion on the state of our country right now is happening on late night talk/entertainment programs. Thanks to the greatest invention of our time, the DVR (tied with Caller ID), no one has to lose sleep in order to watch shows past one's bedtime. Below is a list of guests of note in the realm of politics and current events this week on talk/entertainment programs. So stay up late or record to watch later -- and enjoy!

Monday March 20th

Seth Meyers: Chris Hayes

Daily Show: Bassem Youssef

Tuesday, March 21st

Daily Show: Dahlia Lithwick

Wednesday, March 22nd

The View: Rachel Maddow

Thursday March 23rd

Daily Show: Rep. Adam Schiff

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