Dateline: April 6, 2017

The horrific, ghastly chemical weapons attacks on a rebel-occupied town in northwestern Syria have presented the White House with the first international incident of this current administration. What happens next, including the response from the White House, is something to watch closely: Syrian President Assad has the backing of Russia. With this latest bout of chemical warfare, does #45 risk conflict with Russia or the public moral weakness of doing nothing?

Reuters: Scores reported killed in gas attack on Syrian rebel area

CNN: What we know about Syria's chemical weapons

Congress begins a two-week recess Thursday, April 5, without any agreement on healthcare. With legislators in their home districts during this period, pressure to be accessible to constituents is great. Keep an eye and ear out for town hall meetings and other opportunities to engage with your representatives on issues such as healthcare, tax reform, immigration and so on.

Reuters: House will not reach healthcare deal before two-week break

The physical embodiment of a rumpled trench coat that is Steve Bannon was removed from the National Security Council on Wednesday. As usual with this administration, there are no clear-cut reasons why this happened. Is this a smokescreen for something else? Did he wear out his welcome? It will be interesting to watch to see what else transpires -- or doesn't transpire -- in the wake of this decision.

New York Times: Bannon’s Role Is Diminished as Other Advisers Blame Him for Setbacks

Quartz: Four possible reasons Steve Bannon was kicked off the NSC

In the same executive order, #45 also added United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley and Energy Secretary Rick Perry to the NSC. Which means this guy now has a seat at that table:


US Representative John Conyers (D-Michigan) has proposed a Medicare for All bill in Congress every session since 2003.In the wake of the failure of Trumpcare, this bill is gaining momentum, currently sporting 80 sponsors, including local legislator Representative Kathy Castor.

To help bolster this bill, known as H.R. 676, we need to contact the House Energy and Commerce Committee; the House Ways and Means Committee; and the House Natural Resources Committee to ask that it be put on meeting agendas for discussion.

All contact details are included in the Call to Action below. This piece was designed to be SHARED on FB timelines, Twitter feeds and other social media – so please post it anywhere and everywhere you think it would be helpful and gain traction!

On the ATTB FB Group page, there is a more detailed Call to Action, with additional phone numbers and contacts for these committees.

Go forth – call, write, tweet and share!

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In apparent response to the myriad protests organized by those opposed to the actions and legislation of the current administration, counter "protests" supporting #45 have been randomly happening around the country.

ATTB member Cosimia Krishna encountered one such pro-#45 gathering and decided to do something about it.

"Upon leaving work and seeing around 20-25 pro-Trump protesters on the corner of 66th Street and Tyrone Blvd. in St. Petersburg, I felt inclined to return on my own to counter-protest. I arrived as most Trump supporters were leaving; however I was approached by the remaining members as they mistakenly assumed I was late for their rally. Once they observed my “Impeach Trump” sign, they instantly inquired about my thoughts on Hillary Clinton and asked if I were a Democrat. I advised that I am a registered Democrat, but willing to support any candidate that I saw had the general population’s best interest in mind.

I asked them how they felt about the president’s first 60 days in office and they expressed great concern with the Resistance Movement, suggesting Donald Trump’s perceived fascism and overall immaturity is due to his lack of experience in politics and he should be given a chance without Democrats rejecting each of his proposals. I let them know that the rejection stems from the several groups of individuals his orders would affect and that the working class that voted for him is not his top priority, but was repeatedly told to give him a chance, move forward, and to get acquainted since his term has only just begun.

One individual mentioned that if he (Trump) runs America like he runs his businesses, then we will be in good shape. Another individual mentioned to not sweat “the small stuff” and to support national security. When leaving, they thanked me for expressing my views with them. The small group seemed open minded to civilized conversation and did not disrespect me in any way during the interaction. They seemed aware of the rocky beginning, but encourage the idea that with time in office and cooperation from Democrats, America will soon be in a better place. Their positivity towards the current administration was not supported by any specific factual information, lacked depth, and remained generally vague."

☎️☎️ CALL TO ACTION ☎️☎️

Volunteers are needed to drive families in the Muslim refugee community to/from the Refugees' Family Fun Day on Saturday, April 8th at Wharton High School, 20105 Bruce B. Downs Blvd., Tampa. This is a terrific opportunity for ATTB to provide community support in an easy yet tangible way! If you are able to participate, send a text message to Br. Zeyad at 813-503-8094. Include why you're texting, your name, phone number and number of people you can take in your vehicle. You will be asked to provide a picture of your driver's license.

This is a great way for those who have a car/can drive , but can't always stand for hours and protest to serve and make an impact. You'll meet new people in our community and have a change to actually BE the WELCOMING CITY we're asking Tampa and St. Petersburg to be.

Did you know that Tampa Bay is hosting a People's Climate March in April? Would you like to be hands-on and lend your time and talents to making it a huge success? You would? GREAT! The Volunteer Interest Meeting is the place for you!

Volunteer positions include march marshals, petition-gatherers, sign-makers, banner-holders, chant leaders and more!

Volunteer Interest Meeting: People's Climate March Tampa Bay

Monday, April 17th

7-8:30 pm

Organize Florida-Tampa Bay

3105 W. Waters Avenue, #107, Tampa, FL 33614


For more information about the People's Climate March Tampa Bay, click HERE.

Events You Should Know About...

For all events, please RSVP on the Events tab located on the ATTB FB Group page.

South St. Petersburg Democratic Club with Mayor Andrew Gillum

Saturday, April 8th

12 - 1:30 pm

Enoch Davis Center

1111 18th Avenue S, St. Petersburg, 33701

Hosted by the South St. Petersburg Democratic Club.

Meet Gubernatorial Candidate, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum at the April 8th meeting of the South St. Petersburg Democratic Club.

Please RSVP!

Learn more and support Mayor Gillum:

Join the friendly and welcoming South St Pete Democratic Club for our monthly meeting. Learn about actions taking place locally where YOU can make a difference. All are welcome. Bring your friends!

Get Out The Vote 2018: Voter Registration Training Pinellas

Saturday, April 15th OR Sunday, May 14th

2-4 pm

Clearwater Countryside Library

2642 Sabal Springs Drive, Clearwater FL 33761

Tired of making calls to your elected officials that go directly to voicemail- EVERY DAY? Exhausted by town halls where all that’s accomplished is a pat on the head by your elected official- who then turns around and votes contrary to your demands? Feel overwhelmed by the “dark money” those same elected officials rely on to be re-elected, confident they don’t really have to represent YOU? What can you do about it?

Get. Out. The. Vote.

It’s time to elect representatives that truly REPRESENT. We know that we are not being heard. We know that voter turn-out is lower in mid-term elections. That’s why your involvement is so important right now. Become part of the Get Out the Vote Army. We will build this army knocking on one door at a time. Making one call at a time. Registering one voter at a time.

Go here to register:

The Democratic Party will provide training on how to register voters. We’ll give you the information you need for impactful engagement, with as much or as little time you can dedicate. Learn more about Precinct Committeeperson & Block Captain roles, Phone Banks, Canvassing and other opportunities to make a difference.

Enlist today! Your country needs YOU!

People Power is a a grassroots member-mobilization project of the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union.) Through People Power, the ACLU will engage volunteers across the country to take action when Trump or his administration attempt to enact unconstitutional policies or trample on people’s constitutional rights. By mobilizing in defense of our civil liberties, volunteers will build local communities that affirm our American values of respect, equality, and solidarity.

The People Power project has created an Action guide that, amongst other things, outlines some of the major threats that members of our marginalized communities are facing as a result of the current administration's agenda. A massive new ACLU initiative called “Freedom Cities” looks to harness the grassroots action of engaged volunteers.

The White House is seeking to recruit, and where that fails, compel local law enforcement agencies to help the current administration pursue its mass deportation agenda. The intent of the "Freedom Cities" project is to thwart this and other plans that fly in the face of our Constitution and norms. In the same vein as the locally-organized airport protests against unconstitutional detainment, People Power activists will organize in our communities to ensure that our local law enforcement officials defend – not threaten – our friends, families, and neighbors, especially those in marginalized communities. As part of this local grassroots strategy, the ACLU has identified areas in which municipal opposition to, or lack of cooperation with, the current administration will impede objectionable policies the president is pursuing.

In addition to public demonstrations of support like protesting, People's Power has outlined a pro-active plan to help achieve the goals of protecting our families and our neighbors’ families from some of the worst abuses of the current administration. The ACLU has outlined nine “model” state and local law enforcement policies and rules, called the Model 9 for short. You can read the details of the Model 9 HERE. (click the link)

People's Power has scheduled a meeting on Tuesday, April 25th at 2 pm with Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gaultieri to understand his stance on the ACLU Model 9 policies and request that the Pinellas County Sheriff's Department follow these policies. As the Sheriff's Department jurisdiction is all of Pinellas County, it's important to have a large countywide turnout.

Please check your calendars and schedules for Tuesday, April 25th to see if you can attend this very important meeting. To RSVP, please do so HERE.

Mark your calendars for these events coming up later in April!

Lawyers for the Arts

Friday, April 21st

Tampa Museum of Art

William W. “Terry” Fisher III, Wilmer Hale Professor of Intellectual Property Law at Harvard Law School, will discuss his role in litigation between artist Shepard Fairey and the Associated Press surrounding Fairey’s appropriation of an AP-owned image to create the iconic “Hope” Poster in support of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.

5:30pm, reception (cash bar)

6-8pm, presentation

$15 registration fee per guest; free for Museum members and Partner in Art employees

Saturday, April 22nd

March for Science

Poynter Park to Williams Park, St. Petersburg

10 am

The March for Science will begin at Poynter Park and head to Williams Park, site of the Earth Day activities. Earth Day St. Pete website.

For more information:

Saturday, April 29th

People's Climate March Tampa Bay

10 am

Lykes Gaslight Square Park. Tampa

The People's Climate March Tampa Bay will take place on Saturday, April 29th from 10am to 1pm, starting with a rally at Lykes Gaslight Park in downtown Tampa.

On April 29, we'll come together in support of Tampa commiting to 100% clean and renewable energy. NOW’s the time for Tampa to act on climate! The Tampa Bay area is one of the most vulnerable places in the world regarding climate change. And as the third-largest city in the state, Tampa is in a unique position to push Florida forward on climate change adaptation and mitigation action.

To amplify the need for Tampa to commit to 100%, we'll rally in the park and listen to powerful speakers, several of whom represent frontline communities that are already being affected by climate change. After the rally, we will commence a march through downtown Tampa and across the Riverwalk - a gem of the city that is at risk of going underwater. Throughout the march we will be petitioning and canvassing bystanders about the Ready for 100 campaign, and observing sea level rise exhibits that will be set up to demonstrate the rate of rise here in our bay.

With everything at stake, everyone has a role to play, whether you’ve been engaged for decades or you’re coming out for the first time. Join us!

It happens to all of us. Every day, we open our newspaper, scroll through our Twitter feed, turn on the morning news -- all only to find that something ELSE has transpired, thanks to the machinations and horrible intentions of the current administration.  And every day, it all seems so overwhelming -- where to start sharing our displeasure; who to call with our righteous indignation.

The ATTB Daily Resistance Calendar is a solution to all that nonsense! Created by ATTB's terrific Social Advocacy Task Force, this calendar gives suggestions for one simple item you can do a day to help with The Resistance. Some items are geared just for the individual; some are action items that can be done with your family, friends, neighbors or even people you've not met yet! PDF and JPG copies will be available for download under the Files tab on the ATTB FB Group page.

Everyone can use a little dose of daily resistance -- it's good for what ails our country!

For a comprehensive listing of progressive meetings, activities, and events, hit up ATTB's Google Calendar. There truly is something for every interest, location and availability to be found there.

Remember: you can RSVP for any event on the parallel Events calendar on the ATTB Facebook Group page.

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