Dateline: April 27, 2017

This Saturday -- April 29th

10 am

Lykes Gaslight Square Park, Tampa

Ready to fight for our planet? Then come out to the Tampa Bay People's Climate March at Lykes Gaslight Park on Saturday, April 29 at 10 am for a rally, march and day of action.

Our planet is in more danger than ever before. Under the current administration, we've seen dramatic rollbacks of environmental regulations and protections. But climate change doesn't exist in a vacuum. It's a justice issue that has devastating consequences for front-line communities that include low-income communities of color; women and families; people with disabilities; and more.

Tampa Bay is one of the top ten cities most vulnerable to climate change in the world. This is our home, and if we don't do something, we could see all of this washed away faster than we can imagine. We could lose our homes, our health and our lives as a result of long-term and unmitigated climate change.

It's time to stand up and make a statement -- that Tampa Bay is ready to move toward renewable energy sources in an equitable way. So come out on Saturday, invite your friends and stand up for our planet with us.

A word from event chair Dayna Lazarus:

We will be marching from Lykes Gaslight after the Rally and Action Hour down to MacDill Park on the Riverwalk where science exhibits will be set up. The route is about half a mile. (See below)

Because we are utilizing this march and event to ask the city to go 100% clean energy plus equity, we have to play nice and NOT take the street (we don't want to make the city mad at us!) We will be rolling deep on the sidewalk, with march marshals ushering folks across five intersections. The focus of this event is on TAKING ACTION not just marching! We will have action activities for you to do (making phone calls, writing letters, petitioning and more!).

We are expecting several hundred people; hopefully more! So even though the route seems short, it will take a while to get those hundreds of folks from point A to point B, so DO expect marching, chanting, banner and sign-waving!

IATTB is a co-sponsor of the Tampa Bay People's Climate March. We will have a table there, so please stop by and say hello!

Florida Legislature Budget Brouhaha

This year's Florida Legislative Session, which should be winding down, is being thrown for a loop, thanks to the huge $4B gap between the Senate and House versions of the budget. There's been word that a resolution between the chambers has been agreed upon -- but might be simply conjecture.

Orlando Weekly: Florida House, Senate leaders agree on budget outline

US News & World Report: Florida Legislature Still Has a Budget Deadlock

North Korea

All 100 members of the U.S. Senate were called to the White House Wednesday for a rare, classified briefing on North Korea. They literally boarded a bus like a group of 8th graders on their class trip to Washington D.C. to attend the meeting. That should have been the first clue that this event was going to be a Trumpian classic. By all accounts, the meeting was a whole lot of nothing emphasized by #45’s constant misuse of adjectives – and perhaps a prime executive branch example of “When I say jump, you say ‘how high.’”

Vox: Senators unimpressed by White House North Korea brief

CNN: Senators: little learned during rare all-hands North Korea briefing

Tax Plan

In an effort to make it appear he's actually accomplished something (other than creating agita, high blood pressure and constant stress in those of us who find him and his political ilk repugnant) in his first hundred days, #45 presented his tax reform plan this week.

And it's as ridiculously horrible as you imagined it would be (also still imagined: #45's tax returns.) It's the opposite of reform: it's destruction.

This "plan" is basically a giant tax cut for big corporations -- including the Trump Organization (KNOCK ME OVER WITH A FEATURE AT THIS DEVELOPMENT) -- to be paid for by eliminating tax deductions used by middle-class families.

In other words: the rich (including the shifty hot mess of a First Family) pay less and we the people pay more. That's not reform. It's dirty pool.

New York Times: The Seven Key Elements of the White House Tax Plan

New York Times: Winners and Losers in the Trump Tax Plan

USA Today: How Trump's tax plan would affect households


It's baaaaack. A propose healthcare plan, that is. The promised repeal/replace of the Affordable Care Act. And just as with everything else this administration touches, it's turned to guano. There's word that a deal has been struck to placate the uber-conservative House Freedom Caucus, but no confirmation if that will be enough to keep this plan in play.

Reuters: Conservatives back latest U.S. healthcare bill, obstacles remain

CNN: Donald Trump's rude awakening on health care

Think Progress: Trumpcare is so awful that House Republicans are building an escape hatch for themselves


So many bad things are happening in both our federal and state governments. Bigly bad things. But in the midst of the smoke and mirrors and horrors and lies, there are a few things that could be classified as delicious:

• Following #45's executive order issued in January, the Department of Homeland Security introduced a new office this week to help protect the victims of crime perpetuated by illegal immigrants.

In the latest of the current administration's methods to continue to crackdown on illegal immigration in the U.S., the White House also launched a new hotline in which victims or witnesses could easily report criminal incidents. Take a look at how this offensive new plan is being handled by lovely, subversive internet masterminds, using their powers for good for once:

Buzzfeed: People Are Trolling Trump's New Anti-Immigrant Hotline With Reports Of Space Aliens And The Government Is Not Amused

(Seriously -- if you have time to click on just one link shared here, this is the one to click. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll laugh again.)

• And then there's this, which really needs no further introduction other than MWAH HA HA HA HA:

Independent Journal Review: Breitbart News Denied Permanent Capitol Hill Press Credentials

• Finally, leave it to the creatives behind The Simpsons to give us this brilliant assessment of #45's first 100 days in office. It's short, oh-so-sweet and spot-on:

Each week, we post a poll on the IATTB FB Group page to see what members think about issues, actions and current events; people contribute answers and commentary then results are shared here in the newsletter.

Here's the pulse of IATTB for this week:

Two of our best -- not to mention coolest -- scientists have made videos to better explain climate change. They're both worth watching over a cup of coffee or during your lunch break. Enjoy and learn!

Neil deGrasse Tyson's Simple Explanation of Climate Change

Climate 101 with Bill Nye the Science Guy

The Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida issued report cards for Florida state legislators.  The voting records of members of the Florida House of Representatives were evaluated on key environmental bills in the 2015-2016 session. Grades (A-F) were issued to reflect the degree to which the legislator voted "green" on important Florida issues. Representatives in their first term (2017) received an I for incomplete (Please note that Rep. Ben Diamond (District 68 is a freshman legislator and should have the Incomplete/I designation.)

The likelihood that the legislators with failing grades vote as per their corporate donors is great. As you can see, there's a lot of work to be done in this area with regards to how our elected officials vote on environmental bills.

Clean Up the Causeway

Sunday, May 7th

9 am - 12 noon

North Causeway, near the boat ramp

Come join your friends in Indivisible Action Together Tampa Bay and help clean up the Causeway. We are partnering with Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful, who will provide all of the supplies we need, and getting out hands dirty to clean up Tampa Bay.

We have been doing the work on the phones and emails but felt the need to roll up our sleeves and show some love for the earth by cleaning it up. We are considering making this an ongoing event in different areas around Tampa Bay a couple of times a year so if you can't make it please tell us if you're interested in future events.

Parking and day of info will be updated on this event page so keep your eyes on it for details but for now, save the date, plan on bringing water, sunblock, hats, whatever will keep you cool!

Hope you'll join us!

Events You Should Know About...

For all events, please RSVP on the Events tab located on the ATTB FB Group page.

May Day Tampa March and Rally

Monday, May 1

5 pm - 8 pm

Sociedad La Union Marti Maceo Cuban Club

1226 E 7th Ave, Tampa, Florida 33605

The urgency of this moment calls us to stand, together.

Will you join the fight for freedom, justice and equality?

Join with other concerned citizens and activists to celebrate May Day -- International Workers Day -- with a march and tour of Ybor City's historic labor movement battles. This experience will connect the dots from yesterday's immigrant movements that helped to build unions and the middle class to today's fights for worker's rights and against the rising tide of racist, xenophobic, anti-worker politicians and policies that seek to divide and oppress us.

We will begin at Sociedad La Union Marti Maceo Cuban Club at 5pm and conclude at Centennial Park. More info TBA...

May Day March After Party With CuKiAra! at New World Brewery to immediately follow the march and rally! (

Bring colorful signs, banners and puppets; drums and musical instruments; your hopes, dreams, and indignation, and all your friends. We will be loud and proud and hold a joyful, defiant march and rally!

For all events, please RSVP on the Events tab located on the ATTB FB Group page.

Welcoming City Resolution Canvassing

Saturday, May 6th

9:45 am - 12:45 pm

449 Central Avenue, Suite 104

On Saturday, May 6th, the St. Petersburg Community Protection Coalition is asking people to come canvass and spread the word about the Welcoming City Resolution. There will be a brief training on messaging prior to heading out;  canvassers will have clipboards and posters to disseminate to publicly show support. Please meet us at 449 Central Ave Suite 104, St. Petersburg.

The full language of the Welcoming City Resolution is as follows: A resolution declaring the City of St. Petersburg as an inclusive and welcoming city for all of its residents, regardless of immigration status, religion, country of origin, race, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression or disability; declaring that the City will work with law enforcement to ensure that the City is prepared to respond to hate crimes or other requests for services from immigrant communities.

For all events, please RSVP on the Events tab located on the ATTB FB Group page.

IATTB May Planning Meeting

Saturday, May 6th

3-5 pm

John F. Germany Library

900 N Ashley Dr, Tampa, FL 33602

The next IATTB Planning Meeting will take place on Saturday, 6th from 3 -5 pm in Hillsborough County at John F. Germany Library in Tampa. We have planning meetings every other month. This meeting will focus on upcoming elections, such as the Mayoral/City Council races in St. Petersburg later this year, and how we as an organization can make an impact. After the meeting, there will be a social to celebrate the merger of ATTB and Indivisible Tampa. Mark your calendars and come work a little, learn a little and play a little with us on May 6th.

For a comprehensive listing of progressive meetings, activities, and events, hit up ATTB's Google Calendar. There truly is something for every interest, location and availability to be found there.

Remember: you can RSVP for any event on the parallel Events calendar on the ATTB Facebook Group page.

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