Dateline: May 5, 2017

IATTB May Planning Meeting

Saturday, May 6th

3-5 pm

John F. Germany Library 900 N Ashley Dr, Tampa

Our Planning Meetings are a time for us to gather together, learn from each other, refine our activism skills, discover new interests and forge partnerships. Our next bimonthly Planning Meeting is tomorrow, May 6 from 3 to 5 at the John F Germany Library in Downtown Tampa. We will meet in the Hive Flex Space on the 3rd floor of the West building.

On the agenda:
  • Listening with Empathy, or, How to Cope with Conversations with Conservatives: In this interactive session lead by our IATTB Training Team, we will discuss how to best listen to understand those with differing points of view in a way that maintains our boundaries and blood pressure. At the end of this session, you will have some specific tools to use during difficult conversations with others.
  • Strategies to Win Elections: Debbie King from Organize Florida will walk us through how campaigns are organized and managed, what activities are involved and what we can do to help progressive candidates win. Never done campaign work before? Has it been a while? This session will get us all on the same page.
  • Introduction to Canvassing: Canvassing on the ground is one of the most important tools used to win elections. We all know that the progressive/Democratic ground game in 2016 was particularly weak. We need to get better at canvassing; campaigns need more canvassers. But canvassing can be intimidating. In this session, Debbie King will walk us through how to canvass successfully so that we can be ready for the next canvassing opportunity.
We will also go through some upcoming events and gather your ideas for the next two months of progressive action. I look forward to seeing you there!

Christine Hanna

For all events, please RSVP on the Events tab located on the ATTB FB Group page.

Clean Up the Causeway

Sunday, May 7th

9 am - 12 noon

Tampa/North side of the Causeway: north side of the road -- access road -- between the first 2 lights (just west of Ben T. Davis Beach)

Come join your friends in Indivisible Action Together Tampa Bay and help clean up the Causeway. We are partnering with Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful, who will provide all of the supplies we need, and getting out hands dirty to clean up Tampa Bay.

We have been doing the work on the phones and emails but felt the need to roll up our sleeves and show some love for the earth by cleaning it up. We are considering making this an ongoing event in different areas around Tampa Bay a couple of times a year so if you can't make it please tell us if you're interested in future events.

We'll be on the North side of the Causeway -- not on the road but along the trails and parking area so kids are welcome to join us.  We'll have cleaning supplies -- don't forget to bring hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, and water. See you there!

For all events, please RSVP on the Events tab located on the ATTB FB Group page.

Food for Thought -- from

Data & Facts

Since the 1930s, one of the most dependable regularities in American politics has been midterm loss, a swing against the party of the incumbent president. Whether due to a reaction to the sitting president’s agenda or to voters seeking a counterweight to the president, the party not holding the presidency has made gains in the House in the midterm elections in every election but two since 1934.  

• ... the biggest (election) “thumpings” and “shellackings” (to quote former President George W. Bush and President Obama, respectively) are almost always in midterm years — and almost always directed against the president’s party.

Volatility in House elections is markedly higher in midterms.

• ... our elections for governor increasingly track national trends. Governors are typically powerful officials in their own right, with substantial control over state budgets and policy. But even for those who care about power only at the federal level, there is good reason to care about the 2018 governors’ races: In many states with multiple House districts, those governors will have veto power over their states’ redistricting processes after the 2020 census. Over the course of the Obama presidency, anti-Obama voting in non-presidential years is a major reason why the Democrats have lost a net of 11 governors’ seats.

•... presidential approval is a powerful predictor of voting in state legislative races.

Cold, Hard Reality

• ...It also depends on whether or not there are sustained efforts among Democrats at the state level to make sure their voters turn out, especially post-health care battle. Democrats are trying to make the whole “make Trump release his taxes” thing happen…, but I think they’re going to have to find other offensive (as opposed to defensive) strategies to keep the base active.

• interesting question about the Democrats: We are seeing really strong activism, but that is different than midterm turnout. The activism could predict higher turnout. Or not.  ...they still don’t have a message besides “Trump bad.”

For more information, these two articles from FiveThirtyEight are highly recommended reading:

What Do We Know About The 2018 Midterms Right Now?

The Party That Loses This Year Could Still Win A Big Consolation Prize


Each week, we post a poll on the IATTB FB Group page to see what members think about issues, actions and current events; people contribute answers and commentary then results are shared here in the newsletter.

Here's the pulse of IATTB for this week:

There is a Welcoming City Resolution coming before the St. Petersburg City Council on Thursday, May 11th. Shows of support in activities before the meeting and at the meeting itself are encouraged and greatly needed. Here are the details and more information on how YOU can help and participate.

Welcoming City Resolution Canvassing

Saturday, May 6th

9:45 am - 12:45 pm

449 Central Avenue, Suite 104, St. Petersburg

On Saturday, May 6th, the St. Petersburg Community Protection Coalition is asking people to come canvass and spread the word about the Welcoming City Resolution. There will be a brief training on messaging prior to heading out; canvassers will have clipboards and posters to disseminate to publicly show support. Please meet us at 449 Central Ave Suite 104 in St. Petersburg.

For all events, please RSVP on the Events tab located on the ATTB FB Group page.

St. Petersburg City Council

Welcoming City Resolution Meeting

Thursday, May 11th

9:15 am - 12:15 pm

St. Petersburg City Hall

175 5th St N, St Petersburg, FL 33701-3708

Please come join us on May 11th from 9:15-12:15 at City Hall in support of the St. Pete Welcoming City Resolution. Francesca Menes is the Policy Director for the Florida Immigration Coalition and will be speaking about the resolution language. This is not a public comment forum, but nevertheless showing up in numbers is powerful. Please wear white in solidarity.

The full language of the Welcoming City Resolution is as follows: A resolution declaring the City of St. Petersburg as an inclusive and welcoming city for all of its residents, regardless of immigration status, religion, country of origin, race, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression or disability; declaring that the City will work with law enforcement to ensure that the City is prepared to respond to hate crimes or other requests for services from immigrant communities.

Additionally, the SPCPC is asking residents of St. Petersburg to write/contact their City Council representative with letters/emails of support for the Welcoming City Resolution. Detailed information on how to do this, including talking points, is below:

In anticipation of the upcoming 2018 midterm elections, the North Pinellas County Democrat Club is hosting a Voter Registration Training. As a bonus, this training will also include information on canvassing and phone banking for campaigns. Highly recommended!

Get Out the Vote 2018: Voter Registration Training

Sunday, May 14 at 2 pm

Clearwater Countryside Library
2642 Sabal Springs Dr., Clearwater, Florida 33761

Turn your passion into representation!

It's time! Time to turn your fear, your anger, and your overall discontent with our current situation into electoral outcomes

On Sunday, May 14th from 2-4pm at the Clearwater Countryside Library, the North Pinellas County Democrat Club will be providing training on how to register and re-register voters.

In addition to voter registration training, you will learn all about how to have an impact in 2018, regardless of how much or how little time you have to give:

• how the roles of Precinct Committeeperson & Block Captain can be game-changing;

what phone banks are really all about; and

• how a fun afternoon of canvassing can have a direct impact on the success of a  candidate.

Go here to register:

Enlist today! Your country needs YOU!


Wednesday, May 17, 5:00 – 8:00 pm

(Doors open at 4:00 pm)

*End time is tentative depending upon attendance and public interest in speaking before the CRC. All Floridians wishing to speak before the CRC will be given an opportunity to be heard.


Hillsborough Community College Dale Mabry Campus

DSTU Auditorium, Room 111 (Student Services Building)
4001 W. Tampa Bay Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33614-7820

Every 20 years, a 37-person commission comes up with a list of amendments to the Florida Constitution. Florida is the only state to have a commission like the CRC with the sole duty of suggesting amendments to the constitution. The potential changes could range from basic things, like cleaning up dated language, to fundamental shifts in the structure of the cabinet or approach to drawing congressional districts. Voters—with a 60-percent approval threshold—will decide whether to accept the proposed changes during the 2018 general election.

We are planning a very organized effort to attend this meeting and to have our progressive voices heard. The chances are great that the conservatives will be doing the same thing. Look for education/training on the issues/rules at hand, as well as information about our coordinated effort to show up en masse at the meeting itself.

I got into politics, as they say, when I was about 16. It was the fall of 1980 and my brother Bill was running for president of the middle school student council. He had the prime qualifications necessary to win a middle school election: a modicum of smarts, a good bit of popularity, and an abundance of charm. However, I like to think that it was my brilliant plan of combining pop culture and politics that led to his victory. Here are reproductions of a couple of his campaign posters:

Genius, right?

After that taste of victory, my political whistle was wet. Now, I never had, don't have and never will have interest in running for office myself, but I sure do like to work behind the scenes on a campaign. You name it, I’ve probably done it when it comes to campaign volunteer jobs.

While in college, I dabbled in student government politics, with varying degrees of success. I served as the press secretary and Jill-of-all-trades during one election cycle, dealing with the stringers on the college newspaper and trying to make sure that all my candidates didn’t say anything stupid/were sober when being interviewed. In the days when there was only print press to work with, that was a relatively easy job – compared to now when one can burp and it’s reported on social media seconds later.

I toiled one summer as an administrative intern for an iteration of No Casinos campaign here in Florida. It was an interesting experience working for a single-issue cause as opposed to a candidate. Plus that was a time when I could name all 67 counties in Florida, as I was constantly preparing packages of materials to send to them via the postie. Chalk that up to being a 20-year-old #BrightYoungThing. Even now, though, the sound of packing tape coming off the roll brings back memories of sending boxes of material to Okaloosa County.

After college, life circumstances plopped me into the position of running not one, but three campaign offices for mayoral candidates here in St. Petersburg.  Life circumstances  = I was between permanent jobs (don’t ask, long stories all having to do with nonprofits and arts funding being cut in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s but those are tales for another day.) As the campaign office manager, I was the administrative contact for everything: volunteer scheduler; data entry; yard sign distribution; receptionist; housekeeper; party planner; the smiling face at the campaign office. I also took shifts waving campaign signs on busy intersection corners and had one memorably disastrous evening on a phone bank when I was hung up on by three friends of my family. It happens.

Times have changed a lot since I was actively involved with a political campaign. The donor forms I had to fill out by typewriter are now online; in fact, all the administrivia stuff is electronic. But there are some things that haven’t changed over the years: the importance of face-to-face contact when talking about a candidate; making it personal when touting the strengths of someone running for office; the thrill of seeing yard after yard garnished with support in the form of a candidate’s sign.

Midterm elections are 18 months away. While that may seem like a long ways away, it’s really not. The time to start planning and preparing is now. Candidates will soon be declaring their intent to run like dominos falling one on top of the other. And we, as progressive activists, need to be ready to lend a hand to those candidates whose ideals and agendas best serve the people as we see it. As for me, I’m ready to go to work, getting trained and lending a hand both where it’s needed and meets my skill set.

Because when you get down to the nitty gritty, I never want to feel the way I felt on November 9th again. EVER. And I never want to feel the way I still feel after watching a program that provides medical security for millions of Americans cavalierly destroyed for financial gain and spite. Being a campaign volunteer is one way to insure that doesn’t happen.

Are you with me?

Future Events You Should

Know About...

For all events, please RSVP on the Events tab located on the ATTB FB Group page.

INDIVISIBLE Rally at the Pinellas GOP Fundraiser

Friday, May 19th

5-9 pm

Hilton St.Petersburg Carillon Park

Nationwide, GOP groups will be hosting "Lincoln Day Dinner" fundraisers. The Pinellas GOP will be holding theirs on May 19 from 5 pm to 9 pm. Tickets start at $130 for members of the Pinellas GOP. Rubio will be the keynote speaker, and a lot of GOP leaders will attend. In addition to the GOP leadership, though, are the MANY conservatives who will buy a ticket and participate in this fundraiser.

WE SEE these Trump supporters. WE SEE these tea partiers. WE SEE these people who have advocated hate, threaten our healthcare and the security of our neighbors. WE SEE and THEY WILL HEAR US as they drive to and from their fancy dinner party.

SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT...bring signs promoting the causes you care about. Plan to arrive early. The Hilton is located in a corporate area which will have heavy rush-hour traffic. Stand only on sidewalks. Do not stand in the road. Do not block sidewalks, roadways, or entrances. Obey all traffic rules. Remain in public areas. Our demonstration will be confined to the public areas along Lake Carillon Drive, outside the private property of the Hilton.

We recommend that you do not use sticks, lumber, metal poles or other objects to display your signs or banners, as they may be considered a threat to public safety. We recommend you do not use bullhorns to lead chants as they can lead to noise complaints. Respect law enforcement officers, city officials, and property officers.

There are two options for parking: On the one hand, the rally is located in a commercial park with several parking lots. For now, we recommend that individual vehicles disperse themselves throughout the parking lots to avoid attention or burden being placed on any one of them. On the other hand, there are parking lots for consumer-facing shops and hotels within walking distance. Access from Publix requires crossing no major roads and has uninterrupted sidewalks all the way to the rally location. We recommend this for buses. A map will be available shortly.

The following parking lots in the Carillon commerical park are big and nearby:

570 Carillon Pkwy
St. Petersburg, FL 33716
From here, walk West along the sidewalk on Carillon Parkway to Lake Carillon Drive, toward the Hilton.

120 Carillon Pkwy
St. Petersburg, FL 33716
From here, walk across Carillon Parkway to Tower Place. Then along Tower Place to Lake Carillon Drive, toward the Hilton.


254 Carillon Pkwy
St. Petersburg, Florida
From here, walk North along the sidewalk on Carillon Parkway to Tower Place. Turn left on Tower Place to Lake Carillon Drive, toward the Hilton.

They are raising money to promote hate and hurt our families. This will not go unnoticed! This will not go unchallenged! RISE UP and RESIST.

Orange KISS: Keep It Safe & Smart

Saturday, June 3 at 2 - 5 pm

The Portico

1001 N Florida Ave, Tampa, Florida 33602

Let's end gun violence together!!

Join Moms Demand Action for Gunsense in America, Indivisible Action Together Tampa Bay, The Portico, and our community partners for Orange KISS: Keep It Safe & Smart, a family friendly afternoon to support our vision of a Tampa Bay free of gun violence.

Part of Moms Demand Action's nationwide #WearOrange campaign, Orange KISS will feature music, theater, art, community organizations, speakers, gun safety info, and more! Kids' activities include face-painting, games, arts & crafts, and orange-themed treats. We're still finalizing details - so SAVE THE DATE! We'll update as we get closer to June 3.

Free admission.

About #WearOrange:
Moms Demand Action for Gunsense in America began the #WearOrange campaign two years ago to honor the life of Hadiya Pendleton, a 15-year-old student in Chicago.

Shortly after marching in President Obama's re-inaugural parade in 2012, Hadiya was killed by gunfire in her hometown. We #WearOrange on her birthday to honor her life, the lives of more than 90 Americans killed by gun violence every day, and the hundreds more who are injured every day.In just three years, the #WearOrange campaign has grown into a nationwide movement. Last year hundreds of thousands of Americans joined us in calling for an end to gun violence. More than 150 cities declared June 2nd Gun Violence Awareness Day; volunteer leaders held 200+ events in all 50 states; and skylines turned orange from coast to coast.

This year in Tampa Bay, we're planning an even louder, brighter, and bigger display on Saturday, June 3, in partnership with Indivisible Action Together Tampa Bay. Hosted by The Portico, Orange KISS: Keep It Safe & Smart will give neighbors and friends the chance to join our movement, and to lend their voices to the call to end gun violence.

Indivisible Action Together Tampa Bay is committed to progressive political action. Over 5,400 members work together to promote progressive causes and candidates in Tampa Bay, the state of Florida and the nation. IATTB promotes sensible gun laws and responsible criminal justice reform and is excited to partner with MDA to bring this event to our community.

Together, we will organize a day of action that shows indisputably that there is a movement of Americans united in the belief that we must do more to end gun violence.

Thank you for helping us turn Tampa Bay orange! We'll see you at The Portico!

For a comprehensive listing of progressive meetings, activities, and events, hit up IATTB's Google Calendar. There truly is something for every interest, location and availability to be found there.

Remember: you can RSVP for any event on the parallel Events calendar on the ATTB Facebook Group page.

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